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Spermidin Mono Capsules 1 mg

Spermidin Mono Capsules 1 mg

  • With 1 mg of body-identical spermidine
  • Obtained from natural soybean extract
  • Only one capsule a day

  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Made in Germany
    Made in Germany
  • No artificial flavourings
    No artificial flavourings
  • Vegan

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  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Made in Germany
    Made in Germany
  • No artificial flavourings
    No artificial flavourings
  • Vegan
  • The body's own messenger substance: Contains the biogenic polyamine spermidine, which occurs naturally as a messenger substance in every body cell
  • Cell cleansing: Spermidine is said to have the effect of activating a cellular cleansing process (autophagy), which can prevent cell damage and slow down aging
  • Anti-aging: Studies have shown that the spermidine concentration can decrease with age, which is said to promote the aging process.
  • 1 mg spermidine per capsule (only one capsule per day)
  • Soybeans are one of the richest sources of spermidine
  • 100 percent vegan and gluten-free
  • Regularly checked by german and independent laboratories
  • Developed and produced by pharmaceutical experts in our own production facility in Nauheim, Hesse
Take 1 capsule daily with a meal and sufficient water, do not chew.


Soybean extract (0,2 % spermidine), hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule)
Product number10300
Packaging size60 Capsules
Capsule shellVegetarian

Did you know?

Metabolic end products are constantly accumulating in all body cells - a kind of garbage that can damage the cells. The self-cleaning process that is responsible for removal is called autoph-agy. The Japanese researcher Professor Dr. Yoshinori Ōsumi discovered them in the 1990s. In 2016 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Translated from Latin, autophagy means "digest yourself". The body breaks down damaged cell components into their individual parts and installs them where they are needed. The activity of autophagy should decrease with age. Studies have shown that autophagy can be activated in a targeted manner. This should work by fasting for several hours. There are substances that mimic the effects of fasting and can also help activate autophagy. Spermidine, first found in semen, is one such substance. The body's own messenger substance is produced by our intestinal bacteria, but it can also be ab-sorbed through food.


What is the effect of spermidine?

Spermidine is said to activate autophagy and thus support the body in removing damaged cell components. According to assumptions, the biogenic polyamine can counteract the progression of the aging process. In addition, spermidine is said to have positive properties in relation to dementia, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

How do you take Spermidine Mono 1 mg capsules?

Consume 1 capsule unchewed daily with enough water with a meal

How long should you take spermidine?

There are no time restrictions on taking spermidine. It can be taken all year round.

When should spermidine be taken?

In order to keep the spermidine concentration in the body constant, a daily intake is consid-ered sensible. Taking it at a fixed time can also help - for breakfast or dinner, for example.

What are the side effects of spermidine?

There are currently no known possible side effects when taking spermidine in the form of a die-tary supplement.

Where does spermidine occur?

Herbal products such as soy, whole grains or mushrooms are considered to be the foods with the highest spermidine content. But ripe cheese, apples, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and pine nuts also contain spermidine.

Are there any studies on spermidine?

Yes, there are several studies on spermidine. For example, laboratory tests have shown that roundworms and yeasts live longer with an additional supply of spermidine. There are also human spermidine studies that have shown similar results. Further evaluations have shown that an increased spermidine intake from food could also counteract an age-related decline in memory performance.

References to studies:

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