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Frequently asked questions

What does "Pharma" in the name mean?

ZeinPharma® develops and produces food supplements with concentrated nutrients that occur naturally in nature. Pharma means that our production quality standards are at a similarly high level to those of the pharmaceutical industry. The effect of many products can also be compared with the effect of pharmaceutical products.

Where can I find data protection?

You'll find our data privacy policy here: Privacy policy

What service do we offer you?

We offer you:

✓ Purchase on account
✓ Free shipping from €25 (within Germany)
 ✓ 60-day right of cancellation
 ✓ Direct from the manufacturer
 ✓ SSL protected and encrypted - secure payment

What payment options are available?

How can I order? 

Orders can be placed directly via our shop (under products). You are also welcome to place your order by telephone on 06152 - 187780.

Payment options

1. Payment by invoice Payment by invoice is still the most convenient way to pay for online purchases. We send you your invoice with your goods with a payment term of 14 days. The credit transfer is to ZeinPharma Germany GmbH. Verification of the receipt of payment is not carried out by an external service provider. Payment by invoice is only possible within Germany and Austria.

2. Bank transfer (prepayment) Payment is made by transferring the invoice amount to the following account: 

Account holder: ZeinPharma Germany GmbH
Account number: 1360361 00
Sort code: 508 400 05
Bank name: Commerzbank AG

For international transfers please use the following data: 
IBAN: DE50 5084 0005 0136 0361 00

Experience has shown that transfers are received after 1-2 days. As soon as we have received your payment, we will hand over your order to DHL and you will receive a shipping confirmation by email.

3. (Instant bank transfer) Quick, easy and secure: Pay for your order at conveniently via instant bank transfer - the new, intelligent online banking payment method with TÜV-tested transaction security. performs an instant bank transfer from your online bank account automatically and in real time via the secure payment form. The purchase amount will be transferred directly to the bank account of immediately after your confirmation. After a successful transaction, immediately receives a payment confirmation and can process your order without delay.

Procedure (long form):

You do not need to enter order data, amounts or reason for payment - this is automatically transferred to your online banking form by The purchase amount will be transferred directly to the bank account immediately after your confirmation. will receive a confirmation of the successful transaction immediately after the instant bank transfer has taken place. This allows us to process your order quickly and, if the item is in stock, dispatch it immediately.

It's that simple (instant bank transfer):

In principle, you can use instant bank transfer as a payment method at if you have an activated online banking account with PIN/TAN.

You do not need to register or have special software to use instant bank transfer. All you need is: an online bank account in Germany your account number your bank details a PIN (personal identification number) of your online bank account a valid TAN (transaction number) of your online bank account any other information (depending on your online banking system) You can find more information about paying by instant bank transfer at How secure is instant bank transfer?

sofortü is one of the most secure online payment services in the world today. Security is a strong argument for using instant bank transfers. The essential components of Payment Network AG's security concept are:

High level of identity protection thanks to the PIN/TAN system Tamper-proof SSL certificate Encrypted SSL connections Protected PayNet server environment Insurance cover in the event of misuse Continuous auditing by TÜV Saarland

4. PayPal With PayPal, you can pay easily, quickly and securely at

Simple: Pay with just 2 clicks, without entering bank or credit card details Quick: usually receives the payment confirmation from PayPal within a few seconds: Secure Your bank and credit card details will not be passed on to third parties To pay via PayPal at, simply select "PayPal" as the payment method in our order process. Then log in to your personal PayPal account with your email address and PayPal password and confirm the payment amount. usually receives the payment confirmation from PayPal immediately and your order can be processed immediately.

Please note: can only ship your order after receiving the PayPal payment confirmation! Depending on the payment method stored in your personal PayPal account, it may take a few working days for PayPal to confirm receipt of payment. If we do not receive a confirmation of receipt of payment from PayPal within 9 days, the customer order will be cancelled.

Don’t yet have personal PayPal account? Then register your bank account at in just a few steps. Registering with PayPal only takes a few seconds, as you only need to enter your email address, address and bank details. From now on, you can shop safely and free of charge on the Internet without passing on your bank details to third parties.

5. Credit card payment

 We enable you to pay conveniently by credit card. We accept: VISA and MasterCard.

During the ordering process, you enter your credit card details via secure 128-bit SSL encryption and transmits them to the relevant data centres using a high-security connection.

Of course, the credit card will only be charged once the order has been shipped. If you change your order later, i.e. to a higher or lower invoice amount, will only debit the amount of the items actually shipped. Only items that are included in the package will be charged.

You will receive a shipping confirmation from us by email on the day your order is handed over to our shipping service provider DHL.

ZeinPharma will also bear the costs for all transaction fees incurred here.

In order to safeguard against the risk of non-payment, we must reserve the right, depending on the respective creditworthiness, to make the delivery requested by you only against cash on delivery or not at all. 

Shipping and delivery terms and conditions

In the case of standard delivery, the delivery of goods in stock is made by DHL. From an order value of 25 euros, shipping within Germany is free of charge.

For a lower value of goods, we deliver the ordered goods within Germany by standard delivery for a shipping fee of only 4.95 euros. Shipping to Austria 5.90 euros, Switzerland and all European countries 12.50 euros.

Delivery will be carried out by DHL:

DHL delivers parcels from Monday to Saturday. If the DHL parcel deliverer does not find anyone, he will leave a notification card.

Transport insurance:

Goods ordered from ZeinPharma are always insured against loss or damage in transit.

Deliveries to DHL parcel centres:

Of course, ZeinPharma also delivers to DHL parcel centres or affiliated DHL post offices. To choose this option, simply enter your parcel centre number and the corresponding post office number or the desired post office branch in the address line when ordering in the shop.

Free shipping:

From an order value of €25, shipping within Germany is free of charge.

How will my personal data be handled?

At ZeinPharma, we are committed to ensuring the protection of our customer data. You can be assured that ZeinPharma does not sell or exchange email addresses or other customer data with other companies.

What are the options after the purchase?

My account

You can access the following information by click on "My account":

  • Update personal data
  • Change payment method
  • Update billing and delivery address
  • View order processes
  • Request and track returns


We offer you a further 46 days for return, irrespective of the 14-day cancellation period, which means you can complain about goods within 60 days and return them to us free of charge after consulting our customer service. After receipt of the return, you will receive your money back from us.

Cancellation right

Customer services: 
Tel. 06152-18 778 0
Fax.: 06152 / 187 78 29

Shipment tracking

When your goods have been shipped, you will receive an email from DHL one day later with a link to shipment tracking. This link will take you directly to so you can view your shipment history.

Where are our products available?

  • Stationary pharmacies throughout Germany
Your pharmacy has the option of ordering either via the wholesale trade or directly from us, by fax, stating the PZN number. The PZN is stated in our shop for each product under product information
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Our Shop: products
  • Europe-wide in the following countries: Belgium, Malta, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Romania, France, Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Cyprus

Can the dosage of your products be increased?

In principle, the recommended intake should be observed. However, after consulting a doctor or alternative practitioner, the dosage can generally be increased.

Are your products manufactured using chemicals?

No, they are either plant-based, animal or synthetic. However, all products are endogenous substances or substances that occur naturally.

Plant-based active ingredients are always checked for heavy metals and microbiological parameters in every batch. All other products are checked on a random basis. For raw materials that originate from fermentation processes or synthetic production, it is not necessary to check every batch, but ZeinPharma still carries out random checks in order to be able to guarantee the high quality targets that have been set. The production of these raw materials takes place in closed facilities so that contamination is unlikely.

Are side effects possible?

Basically, we are not aware of any side effects. However, we cannot completely exclude them due to allergies and other influences. We therefore recommend consulting your doctor or alternative practitioner.

What does fermented mean?

Fermentation is a biological, natural conversion process produced with the help of, for example, natural enzymes, bacteria or yeasts.

Example: The raw material for our Coenzyme Q10 capsules is produced from yeast fermentation. The starting substance is glucose from maize.

Are your products free from allergens?

Allergens of plant and animal origin can be easily and completely separated during production so that the end products no longer contain any potentially allergenic substances. However, where products may contain potential allergens, this is indicated on the product label.

What does dietetic mean?

Dietetic foodstuffs fulfil specific purposes and enable the treatment of certain diseases by "supplementing the diet" with certain active substances. In this context, supplementing the diet with D-mannose, for example, enables the "dietetic" treatment of recurring bladder infections.

Can your products also be given to my dog/cat/horse?

Yes, this is possible without any problems. However, you must calculate the recommended intake based on the weight of the animal. Our consumption recommendations are based on a 70 kg person.

Why are your products so much cheaper?

Health should not be a luxury: We are convinced that we can pass on a fair price to our customers through our own production and development. We take care to source the best quality from reliable suppliers at reasonable prices, to enable you to maintain or even improve your health and lifestyle through our products.