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Memory Support

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  1. Ginkgo Capsules 100mg

    Ginkgo Capsules 100mg

    Regular Price: €16.99

    Special Price: €14.95

    • Enhances circulation
    • Improves memory
    • Enhances concentration
    • Gives energy
    • Less than 5ppm ginkgolic acid
  2. Krill-oil capsules

    Krill-oil capsules

    Regular Price: €21.63

    Special Price: €19.46

    • Immediately bioavailable
    • 500mg patented Superba ™ krill-oil from the purest waters in the world
    • 110mg Omega-3 fatty acids per capsule
    • No aftertaste
    Lactose free
    Lactose free
    Nut free
    Nut free
    Free of genetic modifications
    Free of GMOs
    No artificial flavors
    No artificial flavors
    No preservatives
    No preservatives
    Soya free
    Soya free
    Gluten free
    Gluten free
    100 percent natural
    100 percent natural
  3. L-Carnosine Capsules 500mg

    L-Carnosine Capsules 500mg

    • Slows the aging process;
    • Anti -Oxidant: Protects against free radicals;
    • Promotes wound healing;
    • 100 percent pure.

    Our L-carnosine capsules contain 100% pure and natural L-carnosin. They have been tested in the highest qualities laboratories and come with our personal stamp of approval. They are from our own production in Germany. Take advantage of the benefits of a high-quality product from the field of anti-aging. Our products are manufactured to an exceptionally high-standard.

  4. Cordyceps Capsules 500mg

    Cordyceps Capsules 500mg

    • High quality extract
    • Performance-enhancing
    • Increases libido
    • Strengthening effect
  5. Brain Power Bundle

    Brain Power Bundle

    Regular Price: €41.37

    Special Price: €37.19

    Out of stock

    • For mental fitness
    • 120 zinc capsules
    • 120 L-tyrosine capsules
    • 120 Ginkgo extract capsules
  6. L-Tyrosine Capsules 500 mg

    L-Tyrosine Capsules 500 mg

    • Improves concentration
    • Enhances mental strength
    • Strengthens physically
    • Controls appetite
  7. Omega-3 Capsules 500 mg

    Omega-3 Capsules 500 mg

    Regular Price: €9.99

    Special Price: €8.79

    • EPA and DHA contribute to a normal function of the heart
    • For a normal brain function and vision
    • Can prevent cardiovascular diseases
    • Anti-inflammatory
  8. P-5-P Capsules 40mg

    P-5-P Capsules 40mg

    • Active form of vitamin B6
    • Reduces fatigue effectively
    • Improves mental performance
    • For more energy

    With the help of Zeinpharma P-5-P capsules, you always get the right dose and the active coenzyme form P-5-P. Pyrodixal-5-phosphate can help you supply yourself sufficiently with vitamin B6 and to cover your daily requirement of this vitamin.

  9. Rhodiola Capsules 300 mg

    Rhodiola Capsules 300 mg


    Out of stock

    • Calming effect
    • For balance of the body
    • Promotes concentration
    • Effective against depression
  10. Panax Ginseng Capsules 125mg

    Panax Ginseng Capsules 125mg


    Out of stock

    • Gives energy
    • Strengthens mentally
    • Regenerative effect
    • 24 % ginsenosides
  11. Vitamin B Complex Capsules Forte

    Vitamin B Complex Capsules Forte

    • For a strong immune system
    • Improves energy metabolism
    • For mental and psychological health
    • Supports strong nerves

11 Item(s)

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