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  1. Lactase Capsules 12000 FCC

    Lactase Capsules 12000 FCC


    Out of stock

    • Effective against lactose intolerance
    • High dose - processes approximately 20 g lactose
    • One capsule per meal
    • Pure plant origin - suitable for vegetarians

    Enjoy lactose-containing foods again! Our high-dose capsule with 12000 FCC neutralizes 20 g of lactose and is also suitable for vegetarians.

  2. Lactase Capsules 6000 FCC

    Lactase Capsules 6000 FCC


    Out of stock

    • At last you can eat what you like!
    • Help for lactose intolerance
    • Neutralises 10g lactose approx.
    • Highly effective

    Our lactase capsules let you eat lactose-containing foods without the usual problems! One lactase capsule with 6000 FCC neutralises approximately 10g of lactose in your food. This would correspond to about one average glass of milk.

  3. Lactase Capsules 3500 FCC

    Lactase Capsules 3500 FCC


    Out of stock

    • For lactose-intolerant customers
    • Eliminates approximately 5g lactose
    • Easily applicable
    • Made in Germany

3 Item(s)

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